Yooters is a multifaceted AI system for beauty, fashion and wellness brands, offering consumers immersive experiences as virtual advisors and customer service agents.
Founded by an experienced team who has been fully dedicated to building the virtual AI/customer service agent for the past 15 years, Yooters provides tightly integrated solution with brands' existing branding and sales platforms, so brands can leverage the rich power and data of a consumer facing AI system.
Beauty Bot
Revolutionize your customer’s beauty routines by simply talking to brand’s bot
Fashion Bot
Transform your customers into fashion icons with brand’s perfect senses
Wellness Bot
Recommend the best health and wellness products that fit your customers’ body
AI Customer Service
With advanced natural language and machine learning technologies, Yooters can significantly increase the efficiency of customer services at lower costs, improve user experience with higher satisfaction
Knowledge Management
The AI system organizes complex and rich knowledge and experiences of specific industries in sophicated sematic networks, which can grow beyond the scope of chatbots for application areas such as training, marketing, compliance, etc
Save Costs
Brands can achieve significant savings with chatbots on web, IM and social networks during product planning, launch, marketing campaigns and customer services, meanwhile collecting valuable targeted data